Definition of slip (or fall) through the net in English:

slip (or fall) through the net


  • Escape from or be missed by something intended to catch or deal with one.

    ‘the girl slipped through the net of all the care agencies’
    • ‘That is the only way for us to see exactly where our reforms are working, and where they are not working, to make sure that no pupil slips through the net.’
    • ‘But a small minority of traders, who attempt to sell their cars privately to avoid paying tax, slip through the net.’
    • ‘But he added that it was important to try and catch those who were falling through the net.’
    • ‘‘We always use employment agencies which carry out checks on supply staff, and I would urge all heads to make sure they are doing the same to avoid staff slipping through the net as it could happen,’ he said.’
    • ‘There are, of course, implications of having a more flexible education system - some people might simply just slip through the net and evade education entirely, which isn't good.’
    • ‘The move means that troublemakers who are known to the police but have slipped through the net so far because they have avoided arrest can now be banned.’
    • ‘I don't think anybody has the answer but people do need to be caught before they slip through the net.’
    • ‘He added that if they were not fully implemented ‘we will continue to have sub-standard systems, while people will slip through the net and avoid detection’.’
    • ‘And obviously, a great deal did slip through the net.’
    • ‘He would attempt to make sure no promising Scot, regardless of age, could slip through the net and elude the SFA's coaching infrastructure.’