Definition of slip-on in English:



  • (especially of shoes or clothes) having no (or few) fastenings and therefore able to be put on and taken off quickly.

    ‘slip-on shoes’
    ‘a one-piece slip-on dress’
    • ‘She wore her hair down and had little slip-on sandals.’
    • ‘Pulling on slip-on shoes, she ran out the door, forgetting her keys.’
    • ‘The casual cousins of slip-on sandals, flip-flops are basically nice shower shoes.’
    • ‘If he sleeps at all, he'll be woken up well before the execution and instructed to change into prison-issue white briefs, khaki trousers, a white T-shirt, socks and slip-on shoes.’
    • ‘She wears a white top, with narrow straps over bare shoulders, jeans and brown slip-on shoes.’
    • ‘I was wearing a simple black, slip-on dress that stopped around my calves.’
    • ‘The brown trousers did not fit him and ended 2 or 3 inches above his ankle and he wore either shoes without laces or slip-on shoes.’
    • ‘Let's start with the slip-on slippers that would go well with khadi dresses.’
    • ‘She strides in her purple slip-on shoes across plush carpet and slides into the photographer's chosen chair.’
    • ‘A friend of mine maintains he survived because he wore slip-on shoes from which he managed to get free.’
    • ‘Aren't you tired of your boring, single-tone, slip-on sandals?’
    • ‘When fly fishing, wear either no shoes or slip-on type deck shoes.’
    • ‘People wearing low-cut and body-hugging tops, off-the-shoulder clothing, slippers and slip-on sandals were not allowed to enter government buildings.’
    • ‘You'll be in the driver's seat this spring with this pair of pebble-leather, slip-on moccasins with contrast stitching.’
    • ‘Cutting out the fuss is more than a design philosophy for Julie, it's a way of life, right down to her basic wardrobe of comfortable jeans, slip-on shoes, and simple cotton blouses.’
    • ‘Highlights include the return of the brown suit, slip-on shoes, the ra-ra skirt and an array of jumpsuits.’
    • ‘I'm sorry, I've left the cardigan at home, but I am wearing the slip-on shoes.’
    • ‘It'll not be long before I need to hang a slip-on coat by the kitchen door ready for those pop-out jobs.’
    • ‘She wore a white blouse and grey sweatpants that were made for pregnant women along with slip-on shoes.’
    • ‘She pulled out a heavy crocheted blanket and a pair of slip-on shoes.’
    put on, get dressed in, dress in, dress oneself in, pull on, climb into, get into, fling on, throw on, slip into, slip on, change into, rig oneself out in, clothe oneself in, array oneself in, deck oneself out in, accoutre oneself in, put round one's shoulders, put on one's head
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  • A slip-on shoe or garment.

    ‘black suede slip-ons’
    • ‘You can get shoes for the summer that are slip-ons, or with a strap or buckle.’
    • ‘Two types are available: clogs (open-heeled) and slip-ons.’
    • ‘He was not wearing shoes but slip-ons or slippers.’
    • ‘Then she swore as one of her shoes, strange high-heeled slip-ons, fell off.’
    • ‘Lace-up shoes are the choice over slip-ons or flip flops.’
    • ‘I favour trainers or shoes that are fairly flat and are held on to the feet - not loose slip-ons.’
    • ‘We were made to design a court shoe - those types of shoes that lady lawyers wear - very simple rounded front slip-ons cut from one piece of leather.’
    • ‘Soft or hard sole slippers, moccasins, slip-ons or mules - these are just a few of the appealing styles you can find.’
    • ‘I've got my favourite summer shoes on - slip-ons that are beautifully decorated with beads.’
    • ‘I own both black lace-up smooth-toed shoes and a pair of black slip-ons (dressy penny loafers).’
    • ‘Traditionally, men shorten their pants so that they break at the third shoelace from the toe of the shoe (or the equivalent for loafers, slip-ons and other styles of laceless shoes).’
    • ‘These slip-ons are inexpensive, impulse purchases.’
    • ‘Start by selecting a style of trainer (runners, slip-ons, casuals, boots).’
    • ‘She had decided on her flat-heeled, white slip-ons.’
    • ‘It also provides a more-than-adequate amount of support and traction, making it the perfect slip-on for any water sport or wet-to-dry activity.’
    • ‘If you want to go over the edge, wear sports shoes or slip-ons or moccasins on the feet.’
    • ‘Don't forget to check out the footwear too - shoes, slip-ons, sandals and boots.’
    • ‘A kind of snow tire for your feet, these lightweight rubber slip-ons fit over running shoes, hiking boots and even snowboarding boots to provide nonslip traction on snow and ice.’
    • ‘Choose lace-up shoes instead of slip-ons, and keep the laces tied.’
    • ‘Tough, stylish, and super comfy, this leather slip-on is the perfect after-sport snowshoe.’