Definition of slip-carriage in English:


(also slip-coach)


  • A railway carriage on an express which could be detached so as to come to rest at a station where the rest of the train did not stop.

    • ‘Some trains had up to three slip-coaches and each one was identified by the way these lamps were displayed.’
    • ‘To reverse the journey, the passengers would board the slip coach at the intermediate station, which would then form part of a local train to the next station on the line where the express was scheduled to stop.’
    • ‘You do not wish to be a slip-carriage, which, when the couplings are unfastened, runs for a little behind the express, but gets slower and slower till it comes to a stand.’
    • ‘At the same time the vacuum brakes on the slip portion are partially applied, and the slip carriage gradually loses speed as the main train proceeds on its journey.’