Definition of sling hash (or plates) in English:

sling hash (or plates)


North American
  • Serve food in a cafe or diner.

    ‘I had to take orders, sling hash, wipe up, and fill the shakers’
    • ‘I still wait tables and sling hash for a living and I'm loving it!’
    • ‘If you've been slinging hash at a local dive, pick up some tricks and market yourself as a French chef.’
    • ‘From eight to two I pace the chessboard floor behind the counter, eying plummeting coffee levels, slinging hash, and serving bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches, salt, pepper, ketchup, a smile and a pinch of sass.’
    • ‘The final humiliation was finding out that I, as dance director, would be required to sling hash.’
    • ‘Prudie would rather sling hash than be a 37-year-old child.’
    • ‘They said, ‘Sure’ - provided she sling hash for them for a month.’
    • ‘At a counter you'll find independent folks who enjoy being close to slinging hash, feeling the heat of the grill, and watching the transformation of ingredients from raw state to dinner plate.’
    • ‘The play's driving force is Terry, an alcoholic, out-of-work actor slinging hash at a mob-owned diner.’