Definition of sling beer in English:

sling beer


North American
  • Work as a bartender.

    • ‘She was slinging beer there at night to support her young son when the bar started offering a commission on beer.’
    • ‘I recognize some of those characters from my days of slinging beer across the bar at Seattle's Blue Moon Tavern.’
    • ‘Many of you here in Muncie may recognize him as one of the nice people who sling beer at a local bar.’
    • ‘As a bartender you may work in a pub slinging beer and maybe mixing one drink a night or in a high-class cocktail lounge where the shakers never stop.’
    • ‘Any time left after slinging beer and selling shoes was spent hacking away at her piano.’
    • ‘Instead of going back to school I got my old job back at the theatre, cooking pies, slinging beer, and watching movies.’
    • ‘The urge to go and sling beer in some exotic locale is incredibly strong today.’
    • ‘The owners used to run a legendary rock record label, but now they sling beer instead.’
    • ‘First there's the feckless bartender Randy, content to sling beer at McCool's until the night that he meets her.’
    • ‘By the age of 17, Pauline started slinging beer in gritty taverns where bands played rock and blues.’