Definition of sling bag in English:

sling bag


  • An unstructured fabric shoulder bag.

    • ‘He turned suddenly and searched through his sling bag.’
    • ‘Placing the bundle of money inside his sling bag, the young boy waved his hand and strode off towards the sole exit of the shop.’
    • ‘They all turned up on the beach in the dark with sling bags round their shoulders,’ he said.’
    • ‘However don't scrap your child's backpack and run out to buy a sling bag, or briefcase type book bag.’
    • ‘Christian took her books out of her hands, regardless of her protests; Ryder took her sling bag.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, someone came up from behind me and snatched my sling bag which was sandwiched between me and the back of my chair.’
    • ‘He was wearing a tight-necked red long-sleeved shirt in the hot midafternoon, sporting a matching red cap worn backward, and a sling bag.’
    • ‘I was rummaging through my sling bag, but I still could not find it.’
    • ‘Alexa picked up the sling bag and stashed the device into one of the empty compartments.’
    • ‘I sighed and rummaged through her sling bag for her mobile and found John's number.’
    • ‘Her curly red tresses managed to cover her face as she hunched, searching for something in her sling bag - presumably another novel.’