Definition of slim jim in English:

slim jim


  • 1A very slim person or thing.

    • ‘Only one is skate related which is Rollerblade the rest are levi's, slim jim, naya water, speed stick, espn and espn2.’
    • ‘The only complication was going from ‘Alfie the slim jim’ to ‘Alfie the big boned’’
    • ‘The knot to which Americans gave my name was a double knot in a narrow tie - a ''slim Jim'' as it is sometimes called.’
    1. 1.1slim jims Long, narrow trousers.
      • ‘Fashions will range from slim jims to trousers for the fuller figures.’
      • ‘These slim leg Slim Jim Skinny Jeans in Sun Bleach Grey have a lightly worn grey wash and a sharp cut that hangs perfectly off your legs.’
    2. 1.2trademark A long, thin variety of smoked sausage.
      • ‘I just ate a Slim Jim and my neck turned bright red.’
      • ‘I had a meal of vending machine delicacies for supper last night, including two slim jim small salami sticks.’
      • ‘Popular options include scallions, a hunk of lobster tail, cooked and peeled shrimp or prawns, dill pickle spear, beef jerky, slim jims, asparagus, speared tomatoes, cucumber spears, or pepperoncinis or small jalapeno peppers.’
    3. 1.3trademark in US A long flexible metal strip with a hooked end, used to unlock a car door without using a key.
      • ‘A tool needs to be suitable for its intended job, which explains why locksmiths use a slim jim instead of a blowtorch.’
      • ‘Made of nickel plated spring steel this slim jim tool measures 22 inches long, 1.25 inches wide and only .7mm thin.’
      • ‘Slim Jims are used to unlock automobile doors without use of a key or lock pick.’