Definition of sliding seat in English:

sliding seat


  • A seat able to slide to and fro on runners, especially one in a racing rowing boat used to adjust the length of a stroke.

    • ‘Each boat contains a crew of two and each crew rows an identical 7.1 metre boat that includes two sliding seats and the same sculling oars as used in standard rowing boats.’
    • ‘The event is a sliding seat coxed four and the rowers must have some use of legs, trunk and arms,.’
    • ‘Despite a few tricks such as sliding seats, the rear cabin is very small and best reserved for schoolchildren and their schoolbags.’
    • ‘All rowers sit on sliding seats on metal tracks, allowing for a smooth, clean stroke that uses leg, back, and arm muscles.’
    • ‘Perhaps it was second-row sliding seats or the automatic climate control, perhaps the traction control or electronic brake distribution system, but I knew we were meant for each other.’
    • ‘I would not want to go much over twenty on a bike with a sliding seat and handlebars that move back and forth, but this bike was super stable.’
    • ‘Then I had to try to master the rowing stroke using a heavy oar while sitting on a sliding seat with my feet clamped into place.’
    • ‘The 24-foot identical plywood boats are fitted internally to the crews' own preference but predominantly using the same sliding seat and sculling oars that operate in standard rowing boats.’
    • ‘I thought, ‘Just what I need, I'll learn to row in a sliding seat.’’
    • ‘As I explained the mechanical advantages of rowing - the oar as lever, the oarlock as fulcrum, the sliding seat as a tool for harnessing leg power - he nodded, then frowned.’