Definition of slideway in English:



  • A part or parts of a machine on or between which a sliding part works.

    • ‘A moving pick-off is displaced over a slideway, which is situated along the path of motion, and is in contact with said slideway.’
    • ‘High precision slideways are an essential requirement for the accuracy and repeatability demands on modern machine tools.’
    • ‘The purpose here is to validate previously established model predictions that relate slideway errors to manufacturing inaccuracies.’
    • ‘We also manufacture wear slideways and wear plates for the steel industry.’
    • ‘All guideways and slideways are ground and laminated with Turcite-B, then hand-scraped.’
    • ‘Other examples of the composition of the outer layer of the surface plate or slideway element follow.’
    • ‘It is essential, however, that we have the drawings of the slideways to be cleaned.’
    • ‘A phase of 0° between force and motion will not generate slideway motion, 90° results in maximum slideway velocity in one direction and 180° changes the direction of slideway motion.’
    • ‘Therefore, removable slideway inserts should be positioned at the lower end of the column of each slideway, the length of which should be equal to or greater than the closed length.’