Definition of slicker in English:



North American
  • 1A raincoat made of smooth material.

    • ‘Heading into the northern section of the bay, we pass kayaks, sailboats, and a barge, where men in yellow slickers haul up lines dripping with oysters.’
    • ‘He is like vapor, bathed in a glowing yellow light, wearing a bulky waist-length rain slicker.’
    • ‘She grabbed her yellow and blue rain slicker and dashed outside.’
    • ‘On the hillside, lights flashed and men in yellow slickers hurried about the base of the drill, checking its progress.’
    • ‘For the rest of the game, many fans wore slickers and held up umbrellas in an attempt to stay dry.’
    • ‘Unlike the others, he didn't have a rain slicker and the rain seemed to pour just on him, pasting his hair to his head.’
    • ‘She was shaking, and a fireman in a black slicker did his best to comfort her.’
    • ‘Bettini is struggling with his rain slicker now.’
    • ‘In lieu of a cheap Chinese army slicker that Maury thought too expensive, he bought himself an enormous white plastic gunnysack.’
    • ‘Each page depicts a blissfully animated child engaged in colorful, lively activity: donning a bright yellow slicker, tap dancing in a black tuxedo and top hat, or striking a pose in blue denim.’
    • ‘For a moment I think I am still asleep and dreaming: policeman in yellow slickers on the streets of London and people running.’
    • ‘But it wasn't long before headlights cut through the downpour from behind her, reflecting off her yellow slicker and illuminating the drenched roadside heath.’
    • ‘She settles on insulated booties, oversize pedals, and a clear slicker, which she slips over her jersey.’
    • ‘She now wears a red rain slicker, jeans and sneakers, and cradles a yellow hard hat in her arms.’
    • ‘The shop owners bicycled to their shops in the rain, umbrellas up, and the farmers bicycled to their fields in yellow slickers and wooden shoes.’
    • ‘Far gone are the days of PVC where in order to keep dry you would need to be swathed in restrictive, heavy, and inflexible plastic rain slickers.’
    • ‘Samantha shook the hood of her slicker away from her face, and began to make her way out to the cove, passing the Wells house as she went.’
    • ‘Long before humans mastered such things as car wax and rain slickers, plants were building hydrophilic lifting devices and differentiating between dew and rain drops.’
    • ‘First of all, what do you think, do I look better in a rain slicker or like this?’
    • ‘It had a little yellow slicker and hat for rainy days, Halloween stuff in October, Santa clothes for Christmas.’
    • ‘Or would you trust your own senses, put on a rain slicker, grab an umbrella, and start your day?’
    • ‘Porter and Petey were leaving the saloon they must have been around most of, if not all of the night, and some white guys in a slicker and cloth cap were coming out right behind them shouting abuse to their backs.’
  • 2informal A person who is smooth and persuasive but untrustworthy.

    ‘a permatanned slicker who involves her in embezzlement and fraud’
    See also city slicker
    • ‘She takes off with a perma-tanned Portuguese slicker who involves her in embezzlement and fraud.’
    • ‘In the old days when bookmakers dominated betting, it was not unknown for slickers to fix a bookie's clock, making it slow.’
    • ‘The twist is that the rubes are hustling the slickers.’
    scoundrel, villain, reprobate, rascal, good-for-nothing, wretch
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