Definition of sleeve note in English:

sleeve note


  • An article printed on a record or CD sleeve giving information about the music or musician.

    • ‘This is made perfectly clear in his sleeve note from the 1950s.’
    • ‘Emerson's mixing feels very much ‘on the fly’ and as he says in the sleeve notes, ‘I never practice.’
    • ‘Neither did she acknowledge him on the sleeve notes of her debut album.’
    • ‘The packaging features comprehensive sleeve notes and biography from US music writer Rich Kienzle and exclusive photographs from throughout Cash's career.’
    • ‘The music apart, his astonishingly comprehensive sleeve notes must amount to one of the most important additions to Schubert studies for many years.’
    • ‘Cindy Walker of the Country Music Association in America wrote the sleeve notes for the last album recorded by Jim before his death in 1964.’
    • ‘As the album sleeve notes record: ‘His response to the tragedies was to sing, because that is what he does.’’
    • ‘A preliminary scan of the sleeve notes reveals that the majority of the record is taken up with the sort of typically American guitar-based rock that is all over the airwaves just now.’
    • ‘Nigel Kennedy, if you didn't know it already, has done more for Vivaldi than any other musician alive - according to these sleeve notes, that is.’
    • ‘Avoid the sleeve notes at all costs; they begin ‘Dear Listener ‘and go rapidly downhill from there.’’
    • ‘As a teenager I had a few dozen albums and knew every crack, hiss, swear word and sleeve note on them.’
    • ‘The musicians also provide sleeve notes and privileged access to their personal photo archives.’
    • ‘The sleeve note compares it to a Strauss symphonic poem, which is a reasonable supposition.’
    • ‘Add the banana-yellow sleeve design to Michael de Koningh's earnest sleeve notes, and this compilation cannot be missed.’
    • ‘In the sleeve notes he writes intelligently about the profound personal experience of his first trip to Moscow to make the recording.’
    • ‘Put contact details on the CD itself because letters, even sleeve notes, can get lost.’
    • ‘The flimsy, irritating cardboard sleeve and rather pretentious sleeve notes don't help.’
    • ‘She offers insight into her songs courtesy of her sleeve notes.’
    • ‘Excellently packaged and with informative and evocative sleeve notes, this just might be the best reissue of the year.’
    • ‘In some excellent sleeve notes written especially for this re-issue, Harley reveals the background to, and inspiration for, some of the songs which will prove fascinating to long-term fans of the band.’


sleeve note