Definition of sleepy sickness in English:

sleepy sickness


mass nounBritish
  • Encephalitis lethargica, a brain infection causing drowsiness and sometimes coma.

    • ‘The point was often made that good conditioned cows and ewes were more susceptible to metabolic problems (milk fever, sleepy sickness) induced by stress.’
    • ‘African sleepy sickness is still loose in some parts of Africa.’
    • ‘He recognized the patients as survivors of the 1916-1927 sleepy sickness pandemic.’
    • ‘He recognized these patients as survivors of the great pandemic of sleepy sickness that had swept the world from 1916 to 1927.’
    • ‘Lieberman suggests that he caught encephalitis when in military hospital in 1918, the time of the worldwide ‘sleepy sickness ' epidemic.’
    • ‘It may result in sleepy sickness and will decrease colostrum/milk production.’