Definition of sleepwalk in English:



  • 1 Walk around and sometimes perform other actions while asleep:

    ‘apparently, people who sleepwalk often make for the wardrobe’
    • ‘However, what if I had sleepwalked and took it from Palestrike's chamber?’
    • ‘That was more than a bad dream and I have never sleepwalked in my life.’
    • ‘Have you ever sleepwalked? No, not that i know of.’
    • ‘Again from Almodóvar: ‘In the opening scene, you see these women who are walking around blind and sleepwalking.’’
    • ‘Apparently the guy had just sleepwalked ALL the way from his room, SAT down, and fell promptly ASLEEP on the bag of bread.’
    • ‘During a week-long trial, the defendant told the jury of his family's history of sleepwalking - he, his mother, two aunts and a cousin have all sleepwalked.’
    • ‘I sleepwalked around the house in my pajamas, barely talking to my parents.’
    • ‘Some people sleepwalk when they're stressed.’
    • ‘It was the first time even the back room was full, and though that may be what every owner wants, two waiters sleepwalked through our room with eyes wide shut, ignoring everyone to their left and right.’
    • ‘I don't think a person who is sleepwalking can do tricks on a snowboard like those.’
    • ‘He told police that he could not remember having sex with the woman, but that he had sleepwalked in the past when very drunk.’
    • ‘The children were tiny and tucked up in their beds, but they were still at the stage of sleepwalking into my room in the middle of the night, so a few nocturnal noises were par for the course.’
    • ‘Then she remembered Del sleepwalked with alarming regularity and shrugged it off.’
    • ‘He claimed he had sleepwalked in the past, particularly when he had been drinking as he had in the hours before the alleged rapes.’
    • ‘Maybe I had fallen asleep during English and sleepwalked my way to the bathroom.’
    • ‘I'd never sleepwalked before, and highly doubted that I did now.’
    • ‘If your child sleepwalks for a long time, talk to your doctor.’
    • ‘Deciding that if asked, I could blame my night walk on sleepwalking, I shrugged and strode purposely towards the building.’
    somnambulism, noctambulism
    somnambulation, noctambulation, nightwalking
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    1. 1.1 Engage in an activity without interest, enthusiasm, or awareness of the possible consequences:
      ‘we are sleepwalking into a surveillance society’
      • ‘Instead he is kind of sleep walking through this period.’
      • ‘We eventually made it back home early, early Thursday morning, and slept walk through work that next day.’
      • ‘In a familiar Double Indemnity type love triangle the hero sleepwalks into murder.’
      • ‘Julia Roberts is a fine actress, but she sleepwalks her way through this part, imbuing Katherine with little in the way of charm or passion.’
      • ‘Most guys who feel tired all the time suck it up and avoid telling their doctor, assuming everybody sleepwalks through their day.’
      • ‘Voters in next month's local council elections were warned today not to "sleep walk" into electing a large number of BNP councillors.’
      • ‘We are sleep walking towards a crisis in democracy.’
      • ‘It's also an appropriate approach for someone trying to energize a franchise that has sleepwalked through September the past three years.’
      • ‘Alec Baldwin and William H. Macy could sleep walk through their respective roles.’
      • ‘They showed up for a home date with Miami on December 12 and sleepwalked through a lopsided loss.’
      • ‘Nevertheless, most of the world, as if pre-programmed, sleepwalks through the breath-taking events.’
      • ‘His latest show carries no particular message and no meaning, as Manson sleepwalks through goth-rock and showbiz clichés.’
      • ‘Do you really want to sleep walk through life?’
      • ‘I feel as if I've sleepwalked invisibly through one of the most melancholy days of my life.’
      • ‘Some people live as if they were sleep walking, depressed, and unaware of what is going on around them.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, he did not follow up by resigning, along with the rest of the board who have sleepwalked to disaster.’
      • ‘Arroyo is not highly rated, often accused of sleep walking through a role.’
      • ‘Johnny Depp must have been doing someone a personal favor when he signed onto this film, because he sleepwalks through his role.’
      • ‘Jonathon Milne then lists all the sad chooks, dragging their tails as they sleep walk their way to defeat.’
      • ‘Nick Love could have sleepwalked his way through this remake, which is exactly what he's done.’


  • An instance of sleepwalking:

    ‘the longer a sleepwalk lasts, the nearer the person comes to a state of wakefulness’
    • ‘At first the route was a struggle, but it quickly came to resemble a sleepwalk.’