Definition of sleeping car in English:

sleeping car

(British sleeping carriage)


  • A railway carriage provided with beds or berths.

    • ‘Because that was part of this operation too: preparing westbound sleeping cars to serve the Greenbrier.’
    • ‘It was in fact a railway yard, 12 miles of tracks to hold 350 sleeping cars on 21 acres of land.’
    • ‘Many of the sleeping car passengers joined the activity and nearly all the car's seats were occupied.’
    • ‘The worker then walked me back to the area of my sleeping car before saying goodbye.’
    • ‘Our train was a bunch of First-class sleeping cars and a dining car.’
    • ‘The train consisted of an express car, a combination baggage/passenger car, two coaches, a diner, and three sleeping cars.’
    • ‘An additional 29 cars, 520025 to 520053 were converted from S, & T series sleeping cars.’
    • ‘They would rendezvous with sleeping cars out of Cincinnati and Maysville, and Louisville and Lexington.’
    • ‘This is fun, but if there was a sleeping car on this train, I'd be on it.’
    • ‘As I said before, our sleeping car attendant has also been very nice and available, though we haven't needed her help much.’
    • ‘The first thing we noticed as attendant Erika greeted us was that our sleeping car was behind four coach cars.’
    • ‘George presented this information to the sleeping car attendant.’
    • ‘Actually, when you figure in the meals, free coffee and soft drinks, the sleeping car is a good deal, as all your meals and drinks (except beer and alcohol) are included.’
    • ‘I forgot to mention before that our sleeping car attendant is a really cool guy named Gary.’
    • ‘The train derailed, releasing a towed locomotive that hurtled into a sleeping car and exploded, killing 11 people.’
    • ‘The train consisted of 2 engines, baggage car, 3 coaches, lounge car, dining car, 2 sleeping cars and 3 freight cars.’
    • ‘It may be slower than a plane, bus or car, but for long-distance trips it has its good sides - a toilet, a dining car and a sleeping car.’
    • ‘The sleeping car porters employed by the Pullman Company, who were among the better paid black workers, made $72.50 for a full month's work.’
    • ‘George Pullman arrived on the scene with a design for the Pullman sleeping carriage which he originally developed to carry the dead body of Abraham Lincoln to his funeral.’
    • ‘Anne Marie, our sleeping car attendant rushed the diner to get our lunch ready and delivered it to us on the platform - on the train's china plates!’


sleeping car