Definition of sleepiness in English:



  • [mass noun] The state of being sleepy:

    ‘long road trips cause fatigue and sleepiness’
    • ‘Various subjective measures of fatigue and sleepiness have been developed.’
    • ‘Severe daytime sleepiness is 60 per cent more likely in smokers than non-smokers.’
    • ‘People do not necessarily associate fatigue and sleepiness with falling asleep.’
    • ‘They may wake up frequently at night resulting in sleepiness and fatigue during the day.’
    • ‘Daytime fatigue or sleepiness is also a risk and could make driving or operating machinery dangerous.’
    drowsiness, tiredness, somnolence, languor, languidness, doziness
    lethargy, sluggishness, inactivity, heaviness, lassitude, enervation, torpor, torpidity
    narcosis, narcolepsy
    somnolency, comatoseness, oscitancy, oscitation
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