Definition of sleep out in English:

sleep out

phrasal verb

  • Sleep outdoors.

    ‘they slept out all night by the river’
    • ‘This will be the first time for many of the Beavers to sleep out and we hope they have a great night.’
    • ‘We slept out on the floor of the desert with the vast sky overreaching, flooded with stars.’
    • ‘152 respondents were sleeping out in a wide variety of locations with parks, streets and squats being the most common’
    • ‘The semi-rectangular bag stuffs down to the size of a two-liter bottle - tuck it into a waist pack and fellow hikers will never suspect you're sleeping out.’
    • ‘Cornell was a collegiate hockey powerhouse, and I was a season ticket holder each of my four years there, which necessitated sleeping out a couple of nights just to get tickets.’
    • ‘Far too many people, especially young people, are sleeping out on the streets every night, and many are aged 13 to 16.’
    • ‘I slept out under the stars at Sunset Huts who were good enough to let me use their facilities.’
    • ‘‘No matter what they say, this will mean more people sleeping out on Darling St,’ Dr Lennane said.’
    • ‘Imagine sleeping out in the open in temperatures touching freezing.’
    • ‘United fans slept out overnight at the weekend to guarantee themselves a place at the second leg of the club's first League Cup semi-final and the tickets sold out.’