Definition of sleep-learning in English:



mass noun
  • Learning by hearing while asleep, typically by playing a tape recording of what is to be learned.

    • ‘This proposal is reminiscent of the consolidation interpretation of sleep-learning problems put forth by Hebb.’
    • ‘You'll want to listen to these sleep learning, subliminal CD's for their beautiful music or relaxing sounds alone, but in addition to your listening pleasure, you will also receive safe, positive attitude messages at a subliminal level.’
    • ‘It was in 1949 that Ramon Vinay's feat in sleep-learning a complete opera in accentless Italian became celebrated in musical circles.’
    • ‘While there are no experimental studies regarding the effects of sleep learning, science has shown that sleep is implicated in plastic cerebral changes which underlie learning and memory.’
    • ‘Leshan tested the theory of sleep-learning on a group of nail-biting boys attending summer camp.’