Definition of sledger in English:



  • See sledge

    • ‘ROSPA advised sledgers to walk up slopes to check for obstacles before getting on their sledges.’
    • ‘They advise sledgers to don protective gear and not to go out without parental supervision.’
    • ‘At Primrose Hill in north London there were plenty of sledgers scooting their heels along increasingly muddy slopes in an attempt to recreate Monday's magic.’
    • ‘Sledgers should ensure there is plenty of room at the end of the run to slow and stop.’
    • ‘The snow has created the perfect conditions for sledgers who have been out in force in Lyme Park in Disley.’
    • ‘The five sledgers in the polar party were dead, though nobody yet knew how or where they had perished.’


  • See sledge

    • ‘Sexual slurs about a player's wife are favoured weapons in the sledger's armoury.’
    • ‘He was among the worst sledgers during the first phase of his career, and till the final legs of the captaincy, allowed his men to indulge in this menace.’
    • ‘Endless banter was part of his game, but not the truculence and obscenities of the modern sledger.’
    • ‘Now one thing that our cricketers have been criticised for in recent times is their reputation as big-time sledgers.’
    • ‘Some of the well-known sledgers of the earlier years had large walrus moustaches, which made movement of their lips imperceptible.’