Definition of slaying in English:



mass nounliterary, archaic
  • 1The killing of a person or animal.

    ‘the slaying of a dragon’
    1. 1.1North American The murder of someone (used chiefly in journalism)
      count noun ‘a gangland slaying’
      • ‘Initially, the reports of the slayings were largely unnoticed.’
      • ‘A handgun used in the slayings was found nearby.’
      • ‘Killen's name has been associated with the 1964 slayings from the outset.’
      • ‘The girls allegedly smoked marijuana just before the slayings.’
      • ‘You would think that the concept of random highway slayings would evoke some fear.’
      • ‘Last year, Homewood again was the most violent neighborhood, with 11 slayings.’
      • ‘A 26-year-old man was charged for the brutal slayings.’
      • ‘The national murder figures, which are up by 25 to 784, do not suggest a big surge in knife slayings.’
      • ‘He said Hixson was believed to still have the shotgun allegedly used in the slayings with him.’
      • ‘The Victorian government has never seemed shaken by the slayings.’
      • ‘That year, a series of attacks on elderly women began, including five slayings in the nearby Los Angeles County town of Claremont.’
      • ‘Three teenagers were convicted of the slayings.’
      • ‘Ridgway was arrested nearly two years ago and was ultimately charged with seven slayings.’
      • ‘None of those convicted in the 1969 slayings in Los Angeles has been released.’
      • ‘The classic serial killer takes extended breaks between slayings, ranging from weeks to months.’
      • ‘An estranged family member has now been charged with the slayings.’
      • ‘Finally, we have the perpetrator of all these heinous slayings.’
      • ‘They were housewives, farmers, taxi drivers, milkmen or just young Catholics shot dead in random slayings.’
      • ‘Neighbors said they knew little about the man suspected in the slayings.’
      • ‘Thomas had worked as a state insurance claims adjuster since 1989, the year the second wave of slayings stopped, the newspaper reported.’