Definition of Slavonian grebe in English:

Slavonian grebe


  • A North Eurasian and North American grebe with reddish underparts and a black and gold crest.

    Podiceps auritus, family Podicipedidae

    • ‘The sighting of the week was undoubtedly, for a change, a rarity, as I went along to Loch Ruthven to see if the Slavonian grebes were back again.’
    • ‘Podiceps auritus; the Slavonian grebe is the only grebe-species breeding on Iceland.’
    • ‘This is compatible with the Slavonian grebes and there is also a code of conduct for anglers which amongst other things asks them to keep clear of the sedge beds.’
    • ‘The Slavonian grebes are still on the River just above the Bridge.’
    • ‘By October the winter birds had arrived, with excellent views of Red-necked and Slavonian grebes, Scaup and Whooper swans.’


Slavonian from medieval Latin S(c)lavonia ‘country of the Slavs’.


Slavonian grebe