Definition of slavishly in English:



  • 1In a servile or submissive manner.

    ‘he slavishly followed the party line’
    ‘rules that must be slavishly obeyed whatever the circumstances’
    • ‘His story reinforced a stereotype of these people as inhuman, mindless drones who slavishly serve their emperor.’
    • ‘His grown daughter and his ex-brother-in-law slavishly run the estate for him.’
    • ‘Hardly any foreign visitors are allowed—only aid workers whose movements are tightly monitored, and those who slavishly praise a regime that has defied history.’
    • ‘During the Reagan years, the news media began to slavishly follow the dictates of the White House.’
    • ‘He was slavishly devoted to a plane tree, as if the tree was something to be wondered at.’
    • ‘She slavishly clutched the sleeve of her aunt's kimono.’
    • ‘She is the slavishly adoring but unsightly would-be lover in his godforsaken garrison town.’
    • ‘To the right sits a somnolent, patently oblivious Buddha-like man, slavishly attended by scantily clad concubines.’
    • ‘The entire crew worked slavishly night after night, and given the results, it shows.’
    • ‘When he stepped down from the rostrum at the end of his speech, he sat next to the deputy leader of the party, his most slavishly subservient follower.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that shows no attempt at originality.
      ‘they adhere slavishly to a script written for them’
      ‘children slavishly copy their football heroes’
      • ‘There's no need for him to slavishly ape Hitchcock to be a great film-maker.’
      • ‘For some musicians, punk was less a style to be slavishly imitated than the sound of a door opening.’
      • ‘The restaurants here are either dull and conservative or slavishly derivative in an almost adolescent way, without the wherewithal to carry it off.’
      • ‘Among her pet hates are what she describes as 'transient fashion', 'fashion victims', and slavishly following what celebrities are wearing.’
      • ‘Instead of slavishly copying the current trend or concept, why not try to do things a little differently?’
      • ‘Flattering as it may be to our egos, the Japanese don't always slavishly ape our tastes in entertainment.’
      • ‘He isn't weighed down by the responsibility of adhering too slavishly to their melodic core.’
      • ‘I want a manager to have the freedom to select stocks, not slavishly follow the index.’
      • ‘The group is so slavishly imitative that it has not even noticed that the US tax year starts on January 1, but the New Zealand one starts on April 1.’
      • ‘If he does not slavishly copy appearances, there is no brag in his brush, no need to impress with his gifts.’