Definition of slave trade in English:

slave trade


mass nounhistorical
  • The procuring, transporting, and selling of human beings as slaves, in particular the former trade in black Africans as slaves by European countries and North America.

    • ‘In order to white-wash the European slave trade, they find it convenient to start by minimising the numbers concerned.’
    • ‘While Europeans conducted the slave trade, Africans too were responsible for it.’
    • ‘The slave trade and ivory attracted the interest of other European countries.’
    • ‘The prize these early imperialists craved was control of the West African slave trade.’
    • ‘Even the African slave trade enriched the rulers and merchants who supplied the slaves.’
    • ‘And we are united on the issue that the Atlantic slave trade was a crime against humanity.’
    • ‘The South African document singles out the trans-Atlantic slave trade for censure.’
    • ‘Muslims were involved in the trans-Saharan slave trade, as well as more legitimate trade.’
    • ‘The slave trade was a horrible stain on our country's history, but we need to move on in order for us to achieve.’
    • ‘This figure does not include the Arab slave trade nor the flourishing trade in slaves within Africa.’


slave trade