Definition of slave-drive in English:



[with object]usually as adjective slave-driving
  • Make (someone) work very hard.

    ‘slave-driving managers’
    ‘they slave-drive their staff’
    • ‘The abuse sometimes involves beatings and always involves very long hours of work, very low or no pay, being locked up by the employer, being denied food, being insulted and "slave-driven" from morning to night.’
    • ‘What in heavens was Nadia thinking when she agreed to be slave-driven year after year, until her Green Card came?’
    • ‘Great, just what we need, more poverty-level jobs from slave-driving companies.’
    • ‘To slave-driving managers who think it's just for the lazy, he says sleep deprivation is a major cause of irritability, mistakes and accidents.’
    • ‘He announced measures which should see slave-driving landlords face prison sentences, and not just symbolic fines.’
    • ‘What about the misery, the hardship, the slave-driving new standards?’
    • ‘The slave-driving studios keeping their contract stars hard at it were dream factories.’
    • ‘Pay extra on a student loan or tuck the money away in your savings account to help buy freedom from your slave-driving boss.’