Definition of slaughterhouse in English:



  • A place where animals are slaughtered for food.

    • ‘At one time, their company had processed 85 percent of the condemned poultry from slaughterhouses and food manufacturers.’
    • ‘Should we outlaw animal experimentation and slaughterhouses on this basis?’
    • ‘The Council has drawn particular attention to proposals for strengthening enforcement of animal welfare legislation in slaughterhouses and for the training and licensing of slaughterhouse staff.’
    • ‘Officers used the vehicles to set up a roadblock after the animal escaped from a slaughterhouse in Graz.’
    • ‘Every day, people in Britain eat meat from animals killed in slaughterhouses just for them to eat.’
    • ‘There are also no civil sector vets available to examine the animals at slaughterhouses.’
    • ‘As such, slaughterhouses must slaughter organic animals when all equipment is clean and empty.’
    • ‘People don't remember that animals in slaughterhouses and laboratories experience such horror and pain every day.’
    • ‘Cattle, goat, sheep and other animals transported to slaughterhouses suffer much abuse and even mutilation at the hands of transporters and abattoir workers before they meet their final end.’
    • ‘So how many Halal slaughterhouses do actually slaughter animals without stunning them at all?’
    • ‘But will they take the matter very seriously and close the animal slaughterhouses altogether?’
    • ‘These places may be compared to slaughterhouses where animals await death.’
    • ‘The chicken companies own the farms, the slaughterhouses and the food processing plants.’
    • ‘Farmers will be able to take animals to any slaughterhouse willing to accept them as long as it can be reached in an uninterrupted journey which takes less than four and a half hours.’
    • ‘The ministry said the animal's meat was sealed off at the slaughterhouse together with the meat of animals slaughtered straight afterwards.’
    • ‘The refinery, built in 1998, processes food waste and animal by-products collected from slaughterhouses, butchers and supermarkets.’
    • ‘As regards animal by-products treatment and slaughterhouses, considerable work is still ahead.’
    • ‘A bull put to death by a matador will, in future, be considered in the same way as any animal killed outside a slaughterhouse.’
    • ‘Some of these people were animal rights activists who disagreed with cruel treatment of animals in slaughterhouses and animal experiments in the scientific laboratories.’
    • ‘The keeping of computerised records, the thorough tagging of farm animals and the application of higher standards of inspection at slaughterhouses and abattoirs will assist.’