Definition of slatted in English:



  • Having slats.

    ‘a slatted bench’
    • ‘Each flat-roofed block is planted with sedum grass (that can absorb 70% of water run-off) and clad in slatted larch wood.’
    • ‘Hence the lucid simplicity of this thoroughly practical market building, with its mesmerising patterns of slatted timbers, punctuated by shafts of light and the cries of vendors.’
    • ‘I am reluctant to do that because I have a small family and slatted sheds do have certain obvious health risks.’
    • ‘I remember the railings near the boarding bridge - slatted iron painted white - and to my surprise I also remember the main hall, although my memory was of a place much larger.’
    • ‘Taking inspiration from the Victorian character of the East Coast resort Mr Ross designed slatted seats which can fit into corners or be arranged in circles to accommodate as many as 24 people.’
    • ‘All suites have a colonial feel, with polished teak floors and wooden slatted blinds.’
    • ‘Other works have included the fitting of slatted shelves in the heated linen cupboard, tripling its storage capacity.’
    • ‘The best solution is to box in your boiler using slatted panels, allowing heat to circulate, then build an airing cupboard around this.’
    • ‘The action plays out in the light of headlamps, neon bar signs and moonlight through slatted blinds.’
    • ‘You think shutters and you imagine slatted wooden things on the side of a house in Provence or something.’
    • ‘It is a palm-frond filled haven lined with cool slate and oak panelled walls with traditional wooden slatted fans circulating cool air.’
    • ‘A slatted base makes the mattress a little firmer: a sprung base makes for a softer feel.’
    • ‘Over the glass wall facing the sea there is a slatted timber pergola, allowing only indirect heat into the building during high summer.’
    • ‘We did a photo session in the house today, both of us trying to capture the way the sun shines through the slatted blinds onto the board floors.’
    • ‘The room itself was pretty basic; wooden slatted beds and lumpy mattresses being de rigueur in backpack hostels, but the place had character.’
    • ‘I've also experienced the ‘flicker-effect’ when walking past a slatted fence through which bright sunlight was shining.’
    • ‘I wondered if the kid in the vest and pants who is always pressing himself up against the narrow slatted window had learned a sign.’
    • ‘Narrow stairs rise to the cooling porch, a tree-house-like room furnished with slatted benches and simple wooden chairs.’
    • ‘This is the heartland of Bavarian tradition, full of slatted wooden houses with wide overhanging eaves and balconies cascading with geraniums.’
    • ‘Behind the temporary mesh frames is a slatted wooden fence, which would not stop a child climbing on to the grass verges of the teeming highway.’