Definition of slate-coloured in English:



  • Of a dark bluish or greenish grey.

    • ‘She gazed at him out of dry, slate-coloured eyes.’
    • ‘These slate-colored beauties are quite at home here on the farm.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, thick layers of slate-colored skins began covering their exposed muscles.’
    • ‘A sudden burst of sunshine strained from between heaps of slate-colored clouds.’
    • ‘Unlikely to find its way without parental guidance, that bird probably will winter with a flock of smaller, slate-colored sandhill cranes.’
    • ‘Smoothing his hand over the slate-coloured fabric on a sleek sofa, James Sankey says: ‘They're Italian, but the covering's from Denmark.’’
    • ‘For two hours we carry on, me and dozens of belugas from different pods, including a handful of slate-colored calves.’
    • ‘He put his glasses back on and got up; he walked up to the front, his hands tucked into the pockets of his slate-colored, hooded sweater.’
    • ‘Sophia looked up at the slate-colored sky and raindrops dripped onto her face.’
    • ‘A slate-coloured falcon landed just next to the actual nest, looked into the cave, and saw the three young brothers.’
    • ‘The high-rollers have mostly disappeared, replaced by an innocuous crowd of expense-account burghers wearing slate-colored suits.’
    • ‘If she were to rebel, we'd be dead within a matter of minutes,’ another one spoke, his slate-colored eyes taking in everything they saw.’
    • ‘Shaddin's face hardened, his eyes becoming sharp and angry, chips of slate-coloured ice.’
    • ‘The high slate-coloured walls and towers still stood imposingly on the rise above the village, haughtily stretching towards the heavens.’
    • ‘Outside, large, darkening swirls of gray began to form across the already slate-colored sky.’
    • ‘Ramshackle and slate-colored, the house gave the impression of being the biggest rock on a great big rock pile. It was the only house on a block dense with buildings.’