Definition of slasher in English:



  • 1Any of various tools for cutting wood.

    ‘the three-man slasher cut the log into eight-foot lengths’
    ‘a mechanical slasher’
    • ‘In turn this material is transformed into horticultural tools such as slashers, axes, jembes (local digging tools) and other tools and items such as chisels, bicycle carriers and kitchen utensils.’
    • ‘Simple to operate, the slasher typically works two shifts to pace the rest of the crew, and as much as possible loads direct to trailer.’
    • ‘The teenager learnt his trade in the rough rugged country of inland Taranaki, lugging theodolites, slashers and supplies, locating and cutting lines through dense undergrowth and heavy virgin bush.’
    • ‘Ubiquitous through the rest of Canada, full-tree systems with their skidders and slashers are more rare in Newfoundland than hot summer days.’
    • ‘It's still early in the learning curve, but this rugged head, tracked carrier and mix of CTL logging with full-tree slasher is helping to mechanize a central Quebec mixed wood operation.’
    • ‘Up until the middle of last century farmers were limited to cutting the hedges back with a hand slasher.’
    • ‘The contractor was struggling to do this with the existing full-tree gear, with the delimber doing a rough sort for the slasher operator, who continued the sorting job the best he could.’
    • ‘It stayed that way for a decade, using bunchers, skidders, delimbers and slashers to bring ready-to-saw material out of the bush.’
    • ‘The solution he and Bergeron came up with involved marrying CTL technology with that staple of the full-tree hardwood system - the slasher.’
    • ‘For many operations, especially full-tree systems with gang slashers, this can be tricky at the best of times.’
    • ‘Watch a sawmill log deck struggle with its logs, and you can typically tell within minutes if the logs are coming from a CTL system or a gang slasher.’
  • 2A horror film, especially one depicting a series of violent murders or assaults by an attacker armed with a knife or razor.

    • ‘Thai horror films tend to follow the structure of a slasher film.’
    • ‘There's nothing about him going home to the Midwest and watching slasher flicks with his friends and remembering how good the Midwest is.’
    • ‘It was basically a slasher flick as heavy-handed allegory for my family.’
    • ‘At the same time it's a slasher film, a brutal thriller, and deeply moving tragedy.’
    • ‘What is important for our purposes is the connection between the masked killer in the slasher film and the notion of the disappearing body.’
    • ‘That last reel, though, is sufficiently entertaining that the viewer who enjoys a good slasher film (if such there be) will be rewarded for his or her perseverance.’
    • ‘You have always been a big fan of the slasher flicks and comedies.’
    • ‘He has always had a reputation as the intellectual face of gore-mongering slasher flicks.’
    • ‘The story would have had much more impact for me if it promoted itself as a simple slasher film and didn't try to authenticate itself with some true story claim.’
    • ‘Though she is 19, she does not want to be mistaken for a ‘teen actress’, a veteran of slasher flicks and little-league sex farces like so many of her contemporaries.’
    assailant, assaulter, aggressor, striker
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  • 3US A sporting competitor who is quick and agile.

    ‘he's more of a slasher and rebounder than a jump shooter’
    • ‘Hill is a slasher who averages 5.7 free-throw attempts.’
    • ‘He came to the school as a relentless slasher whose shooting range extended to 10 feet.’
    • ‘He's a perimeter player, a slasher, and that takes time to get used to in the league.’
    • ‘I'm a shooter more than a slasher, but I can definitely get to the basket.’
    • ‘The Broncos look for a certain type of tailback, one who is quick, is a slasher with some power, has good hands as a receiver, and is versatile.’