Definition of slammer in English:



  • 1usually the slammerinformal Prison.

    ‘if he had lived, he'd be in the slammer today’
    • ‘Community service was firmly out of the question, and he was sent to the slammer for 10 years, eventually being transferred to Alcatraz.’
    • ‘But on balance I think I'd stop short of sticking them in the slammer for 5 years.’
    • ‘It's a lot worse being in jail, and you don't honestly deserve to be in the slammer.’
    • ‘Not even Judge Whitten, we hope, would throw a 6-year-old girl in the slammer for writing a book report.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is you that corrupts whatever guy you get to know since we all seem destined for the slammer!’
    • ‘Apparently, it is the intention of prisoners abroad that no other Brits will ever be housed in Uncle Joe's slammer again.’
    • ‘I now hear Pauline is being put into the slammer for three years!’
    • ‘But the reality is that people may not have had a conviction for the last 10 years because they have been inside the slammer.’
    • ‘Isn't it time some of the big-time dippers spent some time in the slammer as well?’
    • ‘The guy broke out of the slammer and shot her at point blank range.’
    • ‘A guilt-ridden Jack quickly turns himself in for the hit-and-run, and is sent back to the slammer, his faith in God severely shaken.’
    • ‘And I could have you spending the night in the slammer with one single phone call.’
    • ‘Either they could spend 60 days in the slammer with no chance of parole, and pay a hefty fine, or they could go for the second option.’
    • ‘After Obeidi got out of Army slammer, the CIA started hedging on its promises to get him out of the country.’
    • ‘We have been tortured for 30 years for no reason and I would like to see some of them doing 30 years in the slammer.’
    • ‘The CEO faces 25 years in the slammer for ‘false financial filings’.’
    • ‘For black males, the chances of ending up in the slammer are 1 in 3; for Hispanics, 1 in 6; for whites, 1 in 17.’
    • ‘Your mom just got my big brother stuck in the slammer.’
    • ‘And Luke really didn't think he'd handle the slammer very well.’
    • ‘During a recent show in Oklahoma, Tillman's response to unappreciative fans got him tossed in the slammer.’
    jail, prison, cell, police cell, place of detention, place of confinement, detention centre
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  • 2North American A person who deliberately collides with others when slam-dancing.

    ‘a bit further back the slammers and bashers danced, shoved, tussled’
    • ‘The slammers and hip-hoppers doubtless would find this collection hopelessly literary.’
    • ‘They rate the slammers on performance, content and overall vibe.’
  • 3A cocktail made with tequila and champagne or another fizzy drink, which is covered, slammed on the table, and then drunk in one.

    • ‘At the recent Hull Jazz Festival, tickets for Los Pacaminos sold out with the speed of a tequila slammer.’
    • ‘One night I was up at the pub, chatting, flirting, drinking double tequila slammers, and generally feeling rather pleased with myself.’
    • ‘We ordered the Meze all round several bottles of Retsina and some Ouzo slammers.’
    • ‘You get cool techno vibes with your vodka or tequila slammers.’
    • ‘As I moved toward the music machine, I heard Trouble order six tequila slammers from the barman.’
    • ‘I'm quite a dab hand at a party after 10 pints of Guinness and a few slammers.’
    • ‘Do adults still get ridiculously drunk on a heady mix of cheap Costcutter lager in chipped cups and tequila slammers in wine glasses minus their stems?’
    • ‘The ISA and the family health plan have superseded tequila slammers, banned substances and adventurous girls called Tammy.’