Definition of slake in English:



[with object]
  • 1Quench or satisfy (one's thirst)

    ‘slake your thirst with citron pressé’
    • ‘‘In the evening they came to a water hole,’ one caption read, ‘and there they slaked their ravening thirsts.’’
    • ‘They can clear away the fire in the body and slake the thirst.’
    • ‘In a nearby lake a horse slakes its innocuous thirst as vehemently as the peasants.’
    • ‘The ‘Bit of Red’ has a very special place for those who slake their thirst with a ‘bit of black’ in Harloes Bar.’
    • ‘But slaking your thirst isn't always easy when you're exercising outdoors.’
    • ‘There are no gloves, no pads, no iced tea to slake their thirst, no lemonade for breaks, and no hats to protect them from the sun.’
    • ‘Dams were one solution, both to slake the thirst of livestock and to feed patches of green lucerne for ostriches.’
    • ‘Weary but compliant men and women slaked their thirst by taking slugs of water from plastic bottles.’
    • ‘Last week's festival slaked the thirst of over 1,000 visitors, real ale veterans and virgins alike descending on Troon for three days of eager boozing.’
    • ‘But when people get tired by the roadside, there is no one to offer buttermilk to slake their thirst.’
    • ‘Two flavours of cold drink powder, orange and lime, would have helped slake your thirst through the day.’
    • ‘There were no complaints as we sweated in the heat of the sun; our women slaking our thirst with pitchers of cool water.’
    • ‘As she was slaking her thirst, Serena asked the obvious question, ‘Why my help?’’
    • ‘Hampden stadium is the only venue on the European American football circuit where fans cannot slake their thirsts with alcohol.’
    • ‘Wiping out humanity is hard work, so she naturally paused to slake her thirst.’
    • ‘It is a local drink and definitely slakes the thirst.’
    • ‘A ‘brandy’ bar is being set up to slake their thirst.’
    • ‘We'd slake our thirst with an ice cold Coke - and in that moment, that Coke was our whole world… and that world was perfect.’
    • ‘Back at street level, I slaked my thirst at the Heartland Brewery bar on 5th Avenue, next to the Empire State.’
    • ‘With care he crouched and drank, filling a mouth that seemed always parched, striving to slake a thirst he could no longer quench.’
    quench, satisfy, take the edge off, sate, satiate, relieve, assuage, gratify
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    1. 1.1 Satisfy (desires)
      ‘restaurants worked to slake the Italian obsession with food’
      • ‘All these sacrificial offerings might slake a predator's desires.’
      • ‘The bank has argued that bringing in the private sector would slake the thirst of millions of the world's poor.’
      • ‘Art is there to slake our continuing appetite for mystery.’
      • ‘I thought of him prowling the streets at night, lonely, perhaps even a little drunk, unable to slake his unknown cravings.’
      • ‘While he appears to have slaked his own thirst for now, Carter still believes that more deals need to be done in the asset management industry.’
      • ‘Seasonal workers are run ragged at this time of year, trying to slake the desires of Christmas-crazed consumers like me.’
      • ‘Until then it was just a block-rockin’ slab of hot and heavy pop that slaked my thirst for anthemic choruses, and towering walls of guitar.’
      • ‘‘Our blood lust was slaked by the destruction of Ajin and Nagin,’ Quint said.’
      • ‘In a dry season for mentors, will a flood of soft-cover leadership slake an anxious thirst?’
      • ‘As with religion, I suppose that something is good for us if it makes us feel good - if it fills our emptiness, slakes our thirst.’
      • ‘I will not waste those twelve years trying to slake your father's thirst for glory.’
      • ‘Seven minutes slaked their appetites, but three minutes bred frustration.’
      • ‘Before I pressed play, I wanted more sound, layer upon layer to slake my thirst for novelty.’
      • ‘The answer lies with the seven reservoirs that have turned this area into a mini ‘lakeland’ to slake the thirst of Leeds and Bradford.’
      • ‘It is only what we save when we have in abundance, which will slake our thirst when there is a shortage.’
      • ‘Nothing too impressive, but it will surely slake the craving for some first generation Detroit-inspired techno.’
  • 2Combine (quicklime) with water to produce calcium hydroxide.

    ‘slake the lime within a day or two of purchase’
    • ‘In the desert there will remain some stones, a whole gigantic ruin slowly split and slaked by waters and wind, mastic trees, frost.’
    • ‘Sculptural stucco is dehydrated lime, which is calcium hydroxide, produced from firing and slaking marble or travertine.’
    • ‘Hydrated slaked lime is slaked quicklime that has reacted with water to form calcium hydroxide.’
    • ‘With water it is slaked; and then slowly absorbs or fixes air or gas again to turn back into the starting substance.’


Old English slacian ‘become less eager’, also ‘slacken’, from the adjective slæc ‘slack’; compare with Dutch slaken ‘diminish, relax’.