Definition of slacker in English:



  • 1A person who avoids work or effort.

    ‘the slackers who let the side down by their want of team spirit’
    • ‘Antoine is a layabout slacker who lives in a lounge at a health club where a friend lets him stay.’
    • ‘Contrary to the popular rumor that Generations X and Y are mostly slackers, these young people take action.’
    • ‘I still have some last-minute wrapping to do, because I'm a slacker.’
    • ‘I took this as a justification for my slacker life, quietly snickering at the achievers and believers.’
    • ‘Austin's a slacker town, Linklater's from a slacker culture.’
    • ‘In short, they are slackers - but, to their credit, slackers with jobs.’
    • ‘An active slacker is better than a passive slacker.’
    • ‘For the most part they're the seekers, slackers, and free spirits who tend to avoid the straight life, such as it is, for as long as they can.’
    • ‘If I didn't have a kid, I could quit my job, move into a studio apartment somewhere, get a slacker job, and be just fine.’
    • ‘Well, I guess I always knew I was a slacker deep down in my heart.’
    • ‘Which of your slacker friends can you get to vote this year?’
    • ‘The hero, Shaun, an aimless slacker, has been recently dumped by his girlfriend and has to cope with his couch-surfing best friend.’
    • ‘Its variants include the skater dude, the stoner dude, the slacker dude, and the surfer-skater-stoner-slacker dude.’
    • ‘That's where I am now, actually, helping the idiotic slacker try to get his World History grade up.’
    • ‘Members of Generation X, born between 1963 and 1977, are not slackers.’
    • ‘Knowledge games can also challenge a slacker child.’
    • ‘However, something terrible happened that prevented me from living my slacker dream.’
    • ‘Luke was a brilliant student despite the fact that he was a notorious slacker.’
    • ‘I hate how volleyball has the reputation of being a slacker sport.’
    • ‘So if Stewart's audience is comprised of stoned slackers, how would Herzog describe O'Reilly's audience?’
    layabout, idler, shirker, loafer, malingerer, work-dodger, clock-watcher, good-for-nothing, sluggard, slug, laggard
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    1. 1.1US A person who evades military service.
      • ‘Yes, we had slackers, draft dodgers and antiwar advocates, but they got short shrift, little attention and almost no press.’
    2. 1.2North American A young person (especially in the 1990s) of a subculture characterized by apathy and aimlessness.
      ‘they are portrayed as dreamy, disenfranchised slackers’
      as modifier ‘slacker culture’
      • ‘Additionally, the slacker angle was so very 1990s, so very played out at this point.’
      • ‘His droning slacker voice and bizarre lyrics were present, but where were the interweaving guitars?’
      • ‘Loners is a drama that depicts the loosely connected lives of a group of 20-ish Czechs who seem to be caught in an early-'90s slacker angst.’
      • ‘Arita is one half of a slacker duo with Nimura, both of whom work at an industrial laundrette.’
      • ‘Finally, we are shaking off the coma of the stillborn slacker 90s and now there is movement.’
      • ‘Because he needs help, McCaleb recruits his slacker neighbor, Buddy Noone to be his driver and gofer.’
      • ‘Not based on the local artist of the same name, this is instead a fictionalized account of the breakdown of a Montreal slacker artist.’
      • ‘They were a large part of slacker culture, and became poster boys for Generation X.’
      • ‘I'm sitting in a massive loft in a slacker neighbourhood where a lot of Montreal's vegetarians live.’
      • ‘No one can represent an entire generation - including hippies, slackers, and dotcom CEOs.’
      • ‘Yeah, I just don't know how motivated they would be, these stoned slackers.’
      • ‘‘Some people really didn't like Scumrock because it's a slacker film,’ says McIntosh.’
      • ‘Donning my slacker duds, I visited a handful of galleries around New York.’
      • ‘Despite their slacker stereotype, many members of Generation X have grown up to be useful and productive members of society.’
      • ‘How do you feel about the slacker pothead stereotype?’
      • ‘There are the notions of slacker culture, the Latin American ‘mañana’, and ‘Pacific time’.’