Definition of slack water in English:

slack water


  • The state of the tide when it is turning, especially at low tide.

    ‘the key is to come through as close to slack water as possible’
    • ‘The bead-head Prince nymph landed in the slack water close to the far bank.’
    • ‘At slack water there is always the option of descending the buoy line.’
    • ‘This rig is a good choice for slack water and light tide flow periods.’
    • ‘It is best done on slack water during a neap tide; the smaller the tidal range, the better.’
    • ‘They are much more likely to be found tucked into the lee of the wreck, only spreading out at slack water and on neap tides.’
    • ‘Tiny strands of fuzz caught our attention by gently waving in the completely slack water.’
    • ‘Tides are quite complicated, with the time of slack water varying throughout the islands.’
    • ‘Some people come in too quickly pushing against the tide, get into the slack water, and are pushed forward.’
    • ‘It is situated in an area of strong tides, so slack water is essential.’
    • ‘Satisfied with the slack water the twin outboard engines were knocked into neutral as the gas divers were given the word to go.’
    • ‘Having started early, we have plenty of time to wait for the next slack water and dive another wreck.’
    • ‘Just beyond it the slack water held a large amount of silvers.’
    • ‘He used pole and maggot in the marginal slack water for a mixed net of small roach and perch scaling 3lb 9oz.’
    • ‘By taking the boat east, diving, then heading west, you don't have to wait a full tide between slack water.’
    • ‘Only the slack water period goes really dead though, and tope can show at anytime.’
    • ‘Choose a neap tide and slack water in good weather conditions, and even then there is normally a healthy swell with which to contend.’
    • ‘Because of its position, the tides are always on the run, and slack water is rare on hard springs.’
    • ‘With a short slack water and the tide by now picking up, there is little point ascending the shotline.’
    • ‘It is essential to dive this wreck at slack water, about 2.5-3 hours after high and low tide.’
    • ‘During slack water, tugs tow freight barges and rafts of logs through the narrows with scant room to manoeuvre.’