Definition of skyscape in English:



  • 1A view of an expanse of sky.

    ‘the skyscapes, seen through the skylights, more than make up for it’
    • ‘Using a camera with a broken lens, Dupe has taken a series of magical images of his backyard and its plants, creatures and skyscapes.’
    • ‘The resultant skyscape will be a beautiful tree with a carbuncle.’
    • ‘Cai's impact on the Scottish capital will not just be a momentary intervention on the city skyscape.’
    • ‘Her hands waft over the swimming skyscape like those of Galatea awakened by Venus in the Pygmalion sequence.’
    • ‘The scenery is the first thing that they always ‘catch’ and every day they go out they catch a new view or the same view in a different light or skyscape.’
    • ‘Lord Rogers has a vision of a green skyscape - with roof gardens and terraces blooming right across London.’
    • ‘And, the fireworks display that lit up the Falaknuma skyscape left all spellbound.’
    • ‘The night sky and stars of one arm melded with those of the other to create a disjointed skyscape.’
    • ‘In still another scene, two men trying to have a ‘moment’ turn into clouds while the scene behind them melts away into a skyscape.’
    • ‘And if you go just outside the City to the hills you get skyscapes that are world class.’
    • ‘A large cross sits atop the bell tower of the new Franciscan priory church, dominating the skyscape of the city of Mostar.’
    • ‘The suggestion is of skyscapes and, as Jansons's imagery evolved, hints of identifiable subject matter became more insistent.’
    • ‘Cold alpine gusts sweep the skyscape, sending the scudding clouds adrift.’
    • ‘We hear the range of tones accompanying the viewer's inner process and see how the variations in light affect the surrounding skyscape.’
    • ‘Smith has rolled out a carpet to welcome viewers to an apocalyptic skyscape that aptly invokes both Paradiso and Inferno.’
    • ‘It was a truly amazing azure skyscape pure and perfect throughout.’
    • ‘Slitted windows every few meters opened out to the never-changing skyscape beyond.’
    • ‘Some look out over jagged urban skyscapes, while others survey open green countryside.’
    1. 1.1 A picture of a skyscape.
      ‘I've been doing skyscapes all day’
      • ‘In fact many of the works of the two exhibiting artists - Bruce Backhouse and Walter Voigt - are skyscapes as much as they are landscapes.’
      • ‘The spirit has its own prismatic palette, which lies beyond the confines of the conventional, yet breathtaking colour curves of my Rotterdam stained-glass skyscape.’
      • ‘Her show last year maintained a semblance of identifiable images suggesting real, if manipulated, skyscapes, seascapes and landscapes.’
      • ‘Most of his seascapes show a view from the shore with rough conditions and stormy skyscapes; there are six such works in the National Gallery, London.’
      • ‘Here the view was dominated by a stupendous skyscape, rather like the fanciful ones on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.’
      • ‘The only visual indication of the passage of time is a skyscape projected onto the backdrop.’
      • ‘Berchem was a master of landscape and a magician of skyscapes.’
      • ‘Forty-four Wolfe prints of landscapes, skyscapes and wildlife hang on the walls.’