Definition of skylight in English:



  • A window set in a roof or ceiling at the same angle.

    • ‘The rowdy crowd jumped up and down on the roof to smash the skylight window.’
    • ‘Flexible spaces for work, rest, and play are illuminated by skylights and deftly placed windows.’
    • ‘A series of catwalks criss-crossed above him, illuminated by a large skylight.’
    • ‘For maximum light, install tubular skylights on a south face of your roof.’
    • ‘A skylight in the domed roof spilled silver light over a sword suspended in mid air.’
    • ‘Scaffolding, useful if you're installing a large skylight, can be rented from tool supply companies.’
    • ‘The company manufactures and installs wall panels, canopies, glass skylights, and walkways.’
    • ‘There was a large round skylight in the ceiling, and a loft.’
    • ‘My uncle had installed a skylight above my bed for my birthday last year.’
    • ‘For homes or businesses that require constant illumination, tubular skylights present a cost-saving option.’
    • ‘There were many skylights in our roof which happily let the rain through on the odd occasion.’
    • ‘Even the skylight in the ceiling did little to dispel the creepiness the room seemed to ooze.’
    • ‘The overhead skylight had contributed its share to the chaos.’
    • ‘By this time, the rain was pummelling the overhead skylight, but we just laughed and raised our voices.’
    • ‘Four small windows and a skylight brighten the room, which is 24 feet across.’
    • ‘French doors and skylights brighten the space and make it feel bigger.’
    • ‘There are no windows in the walls, only a skylight window in the ceiling.’
    • ‘Bridged in aluminum grating, they slice through each level and align with skylights in the roof.’
    • ‘An overhead skylight provides natural light for studying wine colour.’
    • ‘Shimmering torrents of sunlight poured through glass skylights in the ceiling.’