Definition of sky burial in English:

sky burial


  • A Tibetan funeral ritual involving the exposure of a dismembered corpse to sacred vultures.

    • ‘Siberians used to perform sky burials where they would wrap the bodies in canvas and hang them from the trees.’
    • ‘He has even arranged for his body to be returned to Tibet for a traditional sky burial when his number is up.’
    • ‘Others perform what are called ‘sky burials,’ in which corpses are cut up and left at sacred sites for vultures to carry away.’
    • ‘The sky burial of the Tibetan dead is similar to the Parsi ritual where bodies are exposed to the elements to be eaten by vultures.’
    • ‘Members of the Parsi group are struggling to modify their ancient practice of so-called sky burials, setting out human corpses for the vultures.’
    • ‘The ritual of sky burial originated in Persia more than 3,000 years ago.’