Definition of Skraeling in English:



  • An Inuit or other indigenous inhabitant of Greenland or Vinland (on the north-eastern coast of North America) at the time of early Norse settlement.

    • ‘The Skraeling, whose vision was best at night, were close to blind in the brilliant light of the morning.’
    • ‘Now this was the way the Skraelings traded: they bore off their wares in their stomachs.’
    • ‘Some thirty years later, in 1379, the sagas tell of a Skraeling attack on the Eastern Settlement of Greenland.’
    • ‘The sagas suggest that the Skraelings retreated, not knowing what to make of her strange behaviour.’
    • ‘Schledermann conjectures that these Skraelings may have been at least in part Dorset people.’
    • ‘It was here that Borneheld, having somehow escaped the Skraelings, intended to make his stand.’
    • ‘The Skraelings were terrified at the sight and fled back to their boats and hastened away.’
    • ‘There was an incident where trading Skraelings were driven off because of a bellowing bull.’
    • ‘They began to fashion their dwellings after those of the Skraelings and not plunder the earth.’
    • ‘Many archaeologists believe that the Skraelings mentioned in Viking sagas were actually a group referred to as the Recent Indians.’


From Old Norse Skræling(j)ar (plural).