Definition of skins game in English:

skins game


North American
  • A form of a sport, especially golf, in which the winner of each hole or similar stage is awarded a ‘skin’ or financial prize, the value of which increases as the game progresses.

    • ‘People play skins games at their own clubs, but with one great difference.’
    • ‘On the same weekend, across in Canada, a team skipped by Kelley Law picked up more than 20,000 in a skins game.’
    • ‘They are making a P.E.I. pilgrimage for the Lorie Kane Island Challenge, a skins game to be held at the Brudenell River course.’
    • ‘Well, first of all, Tuesdays changed on tour when they started having those carnival events, like skins games.’
    • ‘The object is the same as in all skins games: to win holes outright, with scores unequaled by other players.’
    • ‘Beforehand, about 70 loopers kicked in $20 each for a skins game.’
    • ‘He won a lot of money playing skins games against guys that thought they were good.’
    • ‘The real money was on the par 3s, and there was a running skins game.’
    • ‘It's a supplemental game - something you play in addition to your nassau, skins game or whatever else you've got going.’