Definition of skinful in English:



  • Enough alcoholic drink to make one drunk.

    ‘he had a skinful on New Year's Eve’
    • ‘He said: ‘By the time they get to the pub they've already had a skinful.’’
    • ‘People also assume that it's impossible to relax unless they've had a skinful.’
    • ‘Why don't they mention the yuppies or the businessmen who have a skinful on a Friday night in the wine bar after work?’
    • ‘As ever, it is a time for good cheer, good will to all men and a good skinful of alcohol.’
    • ‘The Bury-born actor is backing a campaign to stop the British boozing habit of having a skinful of ale and then going home for a fry-up.’
    • ‘Who'll know at a glance what bus they can get home at 3am after a skinful?’
    • ‘Somebody who has had a skinful is a medical problem first and foremost and not a public order problem.’
    • ‘The daylight hallucinations of Mr.Darko strike a chord with someone who has drank a skinful the night before and is shivering in the post booze darkness.’
    • ‘At 11 pm the streets will not be full of people who have had a skinful.’
    • ‘Once you've had a skinful you'll get really sick - mixture of the alcohol and the sunstroke.’
    • ‘Many hours pass and our two heroes have had (not to put too fine a point on it) an absolute skinful.’
    • ‘Please keep the risqué ones away from my family, at least until they have had a good skinful.’
    • ‘She sees it this way too, until she's had a skinful and then it's back to the tears again.’
    • ‘Having it at night when the majority of attendees have had a fair skinful already also helps I suppose.’