Definition of skin beetle in English:

skin beetle


North American
  • A beetle that feeds on carrion, hide, or similar material, and is sometimes a serious pest of stored goods.

    Several species in the families Dermestidae and Trogidae

    • ‘While all are great shots and I agree with Deb about the last one, I am fascinated by the shadows of the hairs on the leaves of the skin beetle shot.’
    • ‘I tried looking on google images for a picture of skin beetles, but didn't really find an awful lot.’
    • ‘In some cases, as in many skin beetles, the whole life cycle will take no more than three to four weeks.’
    • ‘Dermestid, or skin beetles, are one of the more destructive of the beetles, at least as far as humans are concerned.’
    • ‘The khapra beetle is a beetle of the skin beetle family (Dermestidae).’