Definition of skimobile in English:



North American
  • A motor vehicle for travelling over snow, with caterpillar tracks at the back and steerable skis in front.

    • ‘They stay longer to explore the snow-covered streets, buzzing with skimobiles.’
    • ‘T.J. and Bev met on a blind date at a skimobile event when Bev was a mechanic for a friend's skimobile.’
    • ‘Later Waldo and Angus are riding a skimobile in hot pursuit of the thieves.’
    • ‘The original skimobile lift is now a museum piece, but there are plenty of modern replacements.’
    • ‘The skimobile continued to be a popular lift for years drawing both winter and summer visitors.’
    • ‘Discovery tours of the valley on skimobiles are organized daily.’
    • ‘Now would be the time to rant about skimobiles and power boating.’
    • ‘Snowmobile suits are commonly called skimobile suits in Quebec.’
    • ‘I really put them to the test on crusty snow, and areas dug up by skimobiles.’
    • ‘Skating there at night was always lots of fun; you could see the skimobiles' lights on the trails all around the pond.’
    • ‘Snowmobiles also use this road, but it's not groomed for either skimobiles or skiers.’
    • ‘The skimobiles stop, and Scarlett and Snow Job step out in heavy coats.’
    • ‘Beaded moccasins gave way to Nike sneakers, sled dogs to gas-powered skimobiles, and ‘tundra tea’ to Folger's instant coffee.’
    • ‘Grant would ‘act as exclusive agent for the company with respect to the marketing and distribution of your skimobile clothing line for Ontario.’’