Definition of skiing in English:



mass noun
  • The action of travelling over snow on skis, especially as a sport or recreation. Competitive skiing falls into two categories: Nordic (cross-country racing, jumping, and biathlon) and Alpine (downhill or straight racing, and slalom racing round a series of markers).

    • ‘If the beginnings of sport on skis are to be found among the upper crust, skiing is today largely a bourgeois sport.’
    • ‘A leisurely lunch followed by an afternoon's skiing is an experience that is truly hard to beat.’
    • ‘Each has some sensational skiing and boarding, and can easily be reached from an Alpine airport.’
    • ‘I think I've got all my energy back, and my skiing is better than it was a few weeks ago.’
    • ‘Eddie chose jumping because it was cheaper than any other form of skiing and because as a child he had wanted to be a stunt man.’
    • ‘He has never been much of a fan of downhill skiing, an experience he likens to attending a football match.’
    • ‘The skiing was great but the town and resort were disappointing and not very friendly.’
    • ‘This is the time to go walking or horse-riding in the fresh mountain air or skiing on the Hintertux glacier.’
    • ‘Snow usually falls amid high winds, meaning that skiing is impossible while it is actually snowing.’
    • ‘Sun Valley's strengths are not just its great skiing and feeling of remoteness, but its history.’
    • ‘He played squash, football and rugby and, in more recent years, enjoyed skiing and sailing.’
    • ‘They were confident even then, and it was obvious that the pair were extremely dedicated to their skiing.’
    • ‘Being in the Rockies meant she could indulge her love of skiing, mountain biking and rugged living.’
    • ‘Wanderers will play tonight's game in the shadow of one of the most famous slopes in downhill skiing.’
    • ‘In fact she had found skiing quite easy on her first try out on the dry slope at Sheffield.’
    • ‘The maps aren't as big and skiing has been added as a key you can hold and not just a peculiarity of the maps.’
    • ‘We'll stay in Oslo for a few days and then head up to a cabin in the mountain to try cross-country skiing.’
    • ‘Now I'm just going to relax, go free skiing, do one more Europa Cup in Italy, and then go to Turin.’
    • ‘After all, skiing is an energetic pastime, one in which people laugh, shout and fall over a lot.’
    • ‘Other countries also believed that skiing offered more than mere exercise and sociability.’