Definition of skid mark in English:

skid mark


  • 1A long black mark left on a road surface by the tyres of a skidding vehicle.

    ‘there were no skid marks at the crash scene to indicate how fast he had been travelling’
    • ‘Indeed, he went further than that because he said that the impact most likely occurred during the skid mark.’
    • ‘There was a long skid mark in the grass that clearly indicated what had happened.’
    • ‘It is an incontrovertible fact that there were skid marks.’
    • ‘The barrier had been broken, and there were skid marks on the road.’
    • ‘Residents said skid marks up to 50 yards long could be seen from stunts pulled at about 3am.’
    • ‘The white markings are used apparently to enable the camera to pick up the skid mark which commenced just before the green cross and continued on for a distance which was measured at 10.5 metres.’
    • ‘There were skid marks where she applied her brakes to no avail.’
    • ‘That is a skid mark made by the right wheel or tyre of the vehicle.’
    • ‘Is that a skid mark on the ground?’
    • ‘My son's been nearly hit on two occasions and the last skid mark we had outside the house measured 73 ft.’
    • ‘And the racetrack shows skid marks, cracks and you'll occasionally see thick clouds of smoke.’
    • ‘There were skid marks on the road.’
    • ‘Skid marks from the Harley stain the driveway.’
    • ‘This skid mark of wheels turning right is the only evidence of her futile attempt to avoid disaster.’
    • ‘A black skid mark snaked across the double yellow line, and stopped abruptly before the rock face.’
    • ‘He confined his expert opinion to what speed the defendant's vehicle was travelling at having regard to the skid mark of 10.5 meters.’
    • ‘Her mother cannot forget the 90-yard skid marks left on the road.’
    • ‘He confirmed that there are no photographs of any skid marks or acceleration marks on the roadway.’
    • ‘The experts agree that a car travels through some indeterminable distance from the time a brake pedal is depressed until the wheels are stopped sufficiently to leave a skid mark.’
    • ‘He was not aware of the existence of the 10 metres of skid marks on the correct side of the road.’
  • 2informal A faecal stain on the inside of a person's underpants.

    ‘his undies had more skid marks than the Grand Prix circuit’