Definition of skewback in English:



  • The sloping face of the abutment on which an extremity of an arch rests.

    • ‘The massive steel bases were positioned just above the skewbacks, using six hydraulic jacks to make delicate adjustments to their position and angle.’
    • ‘It was 525 metres long and was supported by 32 pontoons including stone skewbacks on both banks.’
    • ‘The job required excavation into steep slopes for the pier and skewbacks.’
    • ‘Without hinges, arch ribs extend continuously from skewback to skewback and are fixed at skewbacks so no rotation can occur and thus the bridge is called a fixed arch.’
    • ‘This was easier than cutting the bricks to make wedges, skewbacks and the arch key.’
    • ‘Additional issues include arch size and arch depths, keystones, soffits, skewbacks and the configuration of abutments.’