Definition of skelp in English:



[with object]Scottish, Northern English
  • Strike, slap, or smack.

    ‘the cries of skelped weans’
    • ‘The ball finally fell at the feet of the defender who skelped it into the roof of the visitors' net.’
    • ‘Ricksen stepped up and skelped the free-kick into the top corner.’
    • ‘He didn't just touch it in the second minute, though, he skelped it.’
    • ‘We don't mind being skelped by the French but defeat by England hurts.’
    • ‘And surprising though it may seem - disappointing, even, to the scandal-seekers - no priest ever laid hands on me except to bless me or skelp my ear.’
    • ‘The unwieldy but serviceable striker skelped a ball across the goalmouth that kissed the crossbar on its way past.’
    cuff, strike, hit, thump, slap, smack, crack, swat, punch, jab, knock, thwack, bang, wallop, batter, pummel, buffet
    cuff, hit, thump, slap, smack, crack, swat, punch, fist, jab, hook, knock, thwack, bang, wallop
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Late Middle English: probably imitative.