Definition of skeleton key in English:

skeleton key


  • A key designed to fit many locks by having the interior of the bit hollowed.

    • ‘Taking the skeleton key, she unlocks their door, and sets them free.’
    • ‘Grace had the skeleton key, she took the courtesy of getting it for our personal delivery man last night after everyone left!’
    • ‘But why does the skeleton key not open a door in the attic?’
    • ‘She is sure glad that she holds the skeleton key with her.’
    • ‘Jade had an old skeleton key that looked centuries old.’
    • ‘He opened the door and was through in seconds, the skeleton key safely back in his wrist pouch.’
    • ‘A few seconds later she came back with a skeleton key.’
    • ‘After explaining that the house has a few ghosts, Violet gives Caroline a skeleton key that opens every door.’
    • ‘He slid a skeleton key into the lock, and eased the door open.’
    • ‘The crook at the Manchester University campus had been using skeleton keys to raid drinks machines across the UK.’
    • ‘This is a skeleton key so it can open any door in this place.’
    • ‘By means of a skeleton key, I let myself into any house when the owners happen to be absent.’
    • ‘Officer Humphrey put the skeleton key into the lock in order to get the door open.’
    • ‘Fitting the skeleton key into the keyhole, Dunstan pushed the door open, and looked around the small room perfunctorily.’
    • ‘She tells Caroline to never go in the attic, but gives her a skeleton key that will open every door in the house.’
    • ‘Shoving a massive skeleton key under the brass latch, she unlocked a door and stepped aside.’
    • ‘Taking a sharp breath in, she opened the package and found a heart shaped locket key chain with a skeleton key.’
    • ‘All the doors in the house opened by the same old-fashioned skeleton key.’
    • ‘Armed with a skeleton key that unlocks every door, she discovers a hidden attic room that holds a deadly and terrifying secret.’
    • ‘Sliding his hand into his front pocket, he retrieved a midnight black skeleton key and inserted it swiftly into the keyhole, turning the key promptly and letting the gateway swing open gracefully.’


skeleton key