Definition of skeg in English:



  • 1A tapering or projecting after section of a vessel's keel.

    • ‘They describe aluminum housings pitted with holes ‘like Swiss cheese,’ and skegs and cavitation plates so brittle they crumble in the hand.’
    • ‘Although the 450 Coastal Commander has a shallow skeg or keel to aid directional control at slow speed, she is not immune to the handling difficulties common to this type of boat.’
    1. 1.1 A fin underneath the rear of a surfboard.
    2. 1.2Australian informal A surfer.
      • ‘When I was 16, I spent two weeks at a different school, and the very first thing I was asked there was "Are you a skeg?"’
      • ‘Using a little bit of her vast surfing knowledge (she's a skeg from way back) Kirsty's book definitely keeps you hooked.’
      • ‘They are skegs or townies or country kids, man.’
      • ‘Around here the popular crowd are the surfers, or 'skegs'.’
      • ‘My son's mates come around the house and respect me for what I am, and I respect them for what they are: skegs, Bogans, or those with funny, baggy pants with their caps on back to front.’


Early 17th century: from Old Norse skegg ‘beard’, perhaps from Dutch scheg.