Definition of skating rink in English:

skating rink


  • An expanse of ice artificially made for skating, or a floor used for roller skating.

    • ‘Matt was waiting for us when we got to the mall, which had an ice skating rink in its center.’
    • ‘During the long, cold winters in northeast China they skate on rivers and lakes or in skating rinks.’
    • ‘He was at the ice skating rink staring blankly at the ice.’
    • ‘A civilised way to round off any day is on the floodlit skating rink in the village centre.’
    • ‘Why did they tear out the ice skating rink at the mall in Palm Desert?’
    • ‘Remember how we used to always go to the skating rink when we were kids?’
    • ‘James walked me to the ice skating rink and sat down to watch.’
    • ‘They had gotten an ice skating rink that winter and now delegations were in for a bowling alley.’
    • ‘The school used to organize bus trips to the ice skating rink, using a small mini-bus to take interested students.’
    • ‘Make exercise into a treat by taking special trips to an adventure play park or an ice skating rink, for example.’
    • ‘Remember when we went to the skating rink and you put make-up all over him so his pimple didn't show up?’
    • ‘Buoyed on by her success Emma, of Spring Street, Accrington, is now looking to secure more facilities for Hyndburn's young people, such as an ice skating rink and junior clubs for youngsters in Spring Hill.’
    • ‘The ice skating rink, which is part of the regeneration of Dublin's docklands, is expected to become a leading Christmas attraction and secure an estimated 400,000 visitors to the area.’
    • ‘If you've never skated and you go to a public skating rink, you can find comfort in the fact that you won't be the only ones falling down.’
    • ‘I fell at the skating rink during a triple loop.’
    • ‘I just asked him if he wanted to go to the skating rink tonight, just the two of us, and he said yes.’
    • ‘Find yourself an ice skating rink, and while whipping around on rental skates, check out your fellow skaters.’
    • ‘My eyes lit up as I looked towards the ice skating rink.’
    • ‘The skating rinks are very seldom filled except by the younger kids.’
    • ‘On the recreation side, keen guests can make use of an outdoor skating rink in winter, or stick with regular activities such as swimming, gym workouts, squash, tennis or jogging.’


skating rink