Definition of skating in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action or activity of gliding on ice skates or roller skates as a sport or pastime.

    ‘cool off at an indoor rink during the summer or enjoy the delight of skating on a frozen lake during the winter’
    ‘the competitive world of international skating’
    • ‘In-line skating is a popular outdoor sport for all ages.’
    • ‘Minneapolis-St. Paul is a winter carnival of skating, skiing, and shopping’
    • ‘Though on average February is the likeliest month for ice, warmer winters have meant less skating in past decades and there is little for the aspiring skater to do except be prepared and wait.’
    • ‘One of the great pleasures is to take an evening cruise on the beautiful lake, which freezes over in winter, allowing unlimited skating.’
    • ‘This was my first tour and after years of competitive skating, I know now this is what I want to do.’
    • ‘Favorite winter sports include cross-country and downhill skiing, and long-distance skating.’
    • ‘To generate revenue in the offseason, the Red Sox are planning to install an ice rink at Fenway Park, which will be used for hockey games and public skating.’
    • ‘Another misconception about skating is that it is somehow not a proper sport, in the way that tennis or golf are perceived to be.’
    • ‘Winter was always full of things to do, of skating and skiing and tobogganing and snowmobiling.’
    • ‘Does a teacher of skating, or teacher of baseball or football have to be a role model, or just a good teacher?’
    • ‘She says skating is easier than gymnastics, but that you get nervous for both.’
    • ‘Holland has the longest tradition of skating, for skates provided an important means of winter transportation.’
    1. 1.1
      ‘we did some skating in the city and also headed to the skateparks in Bonn’
      another term for skateboarding
      • ‘Although the moves performed by the Z-boys were revolutionary at the time and definitely paved the way for modern skating, the skateboard footage does get a bit tiresome after a while.’
      • ‘Oh yeah, while I'm on the subject, my school banned skateboards and skating at school.’
      • ‘Skating's too serious; all these kids are looking past the fun factor.’
      • ‘Did skating come first or the music?’
      • ‘There was nothing to do but snowboard and skateboard, but skating sucked because it was rough everywhere.’
      • ‘Little did they know that they had busted the world's top pipe riders, the biggest bust in the history of skating.’
      • ‘I just think there should also be a side of skating that's more enjoyable, with people having fun on a skateboard.’
      • ‘They have nothing in their life but skating and surfing, no future or plans.’
      • ‘Initially I was surprised, but after punk rock really infiltrated skating it seemed like a good fit.’
      • ‘Slam City Jam illuminated both the worst (the corporate takeover) and the best (the actual skating) aspects of modern skateboarding.’
      • ‘Surfing and skating were not two separate things, and to me in spirit still are not.’
    2. 1.2
      ‘it's a little easier to learn skating once classic skiing techniques are firmly in hand’
      another term for skate skiing
      • ‘The slope spans some 15 kilometres and provides the whole gamut of difficulty levels for ‘skating’ and ‘classic’ skiing.’
      • ‘Classic skis have stiffer boots and shorter poles; skating skis have more flexible boots and much longer poles.’
      • ‘Most beginning junior varsity skiers prefer skating because it is faster and they don’t have to deal with applying kick wax on classic skis.’
      • ‘It's a 30-kilometer race where skiers switch out their classic cross country skis after 15 kilometers to skating skis, where they ski for another 15 kilometers.’
      • ‘I use a high end skate boot for skating and a combi boot for classic skiing.’