Definition of sizzling in English:



  • 1Very hot.

    ‘the sizzling summer temperatures’
    • ‘A terrestrial orchid of Tamil Nadu, the Golden Vanda, puts out flowers in the sizzling heat of April.’
    • ‘The chicken tikka, which came to the table on a sizzling platter, was a bit of a surprise.’
    • ‘The small dining room became very warm as diners and dinners arrived - and filled with smoke as waiters brought sizzling trays to tables.’
    • ‘At many high-class networking events, you may find yourself surrounded by heaps of sandwiches, salad or sizzling snacks.’
    • ‘Suddenly we were experiencing great big steaks that were literally sizzling in front of you.’
    • ‘Sizzling on the table, a nabe can be the best feast you can have on a cold winter day.’
    • ‘In Texas, sizzling temperatures are taking a toll on a lot of people including the cops.’
    • ‘Around Europe, about 40 deaths have been blamed on the sizzling temperatures.’
    • ‘Diners can enjoy watching the chefs preparing sizzling dishes in the open grill area.’
    • ‘The "sizzling" part of the dish's name was certainly not wrong.’
    • ‘The worst of the sausage sizzling may be over.’
    • ‘A big rusty bolt (nut still attached) sizzling away on a big plate of fajitas.’
    • ‘Plonked in front of me was a steaming, audibly sizzling pile of chunky meat, with no rice or vegetables in view.’
    • ‘The burned black appearance of the ruins made them seem to be still sizzling.’
    • ‘Stir them from time to time in the sizzling butter till they have turned a rich gold.’
    • ‘Habib and Kamel behind the grill already have an impressive array of sizzling delights to keep the conversation flowing.’
    • ‘My meat arrives sizzling, napped in spices with a halo of crunchy greens around it.’
    • ‘She is slicing tomatoes, eggplants, putting them in sizzling oil.’
    • ‘Soon I would have a sizzling pork roast all to myself.’
    • ‘The onions are now sizzling in a pan with a little olive oil.’
    extremely hot, red-hot, unbearably hot, baking, baking hot, blazing, flaming, fiery, burning, scorching, blistering, searing, sweltering, torrid, tropical, like an oven, like a furnace, like a blowtorch
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    1. 1.1 Very exciting or passionate.
      ‘that was the start of a sizzling affair’
      • ‘Theresa Healey transformed herself from slightly frumpy mother-of-two to the evening's sizzling cha cha star.’
      • ‘A report from consumer analysts Mintel finds the sausage again becoming a national favourite, with sizzling sales in recent years.’
      • ‘The intense heat is also matched with some sizzling colours.’
      • ‘Newcomer Cole brings the drama with much conviction on her sizzling debut.’
      • ‘The two companies have teamed up to offer moviegoers in Delhi a sizzling cinematic experience at affordable price.’
      • ‘Harwich Hospital Fete had all the symptoms of being a sizzling success.’
      • ‘Grind is yet another sad demonstration of Hollywood's incompetence in generating sizzling summer fare.’
      • ‘Then the action developed into a sizzling battle between two tough competitors.’
      • ‘At a minimum, the Bush administration had better step up its promotion of the economy's current sizzling performance.’
      • ‘They built a double-digit lead in the first-quarter, sizzling to a 40-point first quarter.’
      • ‘Along with their brilliant play on the defensive end of the court, they were sizzling hot, shooting the basketball throughout the game.’
      • ‘Hair loss can be instantly disguised with a sizzling new choppy cut.’
      • ‘City's online message board is sizzling with complaints from the faithful.’
      • ‘In the summer of 2000 he wowed 'em at the Hollywood Bowl closing his set with a sizzling duet with Bonnie Raitt.’
      • ‘Known for his sizzling runs down the left flank, Zafar did not mince words at all.’
      • ‘We bring you the inside story of this sizzling feud.’
      • ‘The man who revolutionized the fashion industry one sizzling photograph at a time.’
      • ‘His sizzling new look with a new hair-do is one of the most talked things about the song.’
      • ‘It opens with three hard-hitting, outspoken songs that seamlessly combine a folk-rock sensibility with a sizzling hip-hop tempo.’
      • ‘This time, I've shamelessly chosen sizzling sex over sarcastic banter.’
      passionate, torrid, amorous, ardent, sexy, lustful, erotic
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