Definition of sized in English:



  • in combination or with submodifier Having a specified size.

    ‘a grapefruit-sized lump’
    ‘comfortably sized rooms’
    • ‘He varied the pattern of transparency in the ceiling by specifying panels with differently sized perforations.’
    • ‘The central head of the cabbage is softball-sized.’
    • ‘To reduce the deficit, the city council asked the developer to mix 100 modestly sized units with the new commercial spaces.’
    • ‘Choosing correctly sized shrubs, and using native plants that don't need watering or feeding, can help you create a landscape that requires minimal maintenance.’
    • ‘They offered 35 shares over a ten-week period, priced at about £30 a week for a generously sized share.’
    • ‘A normal cabinet does not have the necessary depth to store large-sized prints.’
    • ‘Old sheets, blankets, towels, or any good-sized piece of fabric should never be thrown out.’
    • ‘Long and thin or round and fat, eggplants range from egg- to melon-sized.’
    • ‘My client had a postage-stamp-sized plot in the heart of the city.’
    • ‘Plant them four inches apart for medium-sized blooms.’