Definition of sixer in English:



  • 1The leader of a group of six Brownies or Cubs.

    • ‘I never was a sixer or a seconder, let alone a patrol leader.’
  • 2Indian Cricket
    A hit for six runs.

    • ‘They have also chosen to distribute sweets whenever batsmen scored a sixer and a boundary or a bowler bagged a crucial wicket.’
    • ‘He belted two huge sixers, but eleven to get off the last two deliveries was a big ask.’
    • ‘The action replay of a sixer was worth $700,000.’
    • ‘In fact, yesterday's game was played almost 19 years to the day Miandad hit that sixer.’
    • ‘Three hours packed with a quick-fire century, a couple of bouncers, two-thirds of a hat-trick, a dropped catch, several bowled wickets and innumerable fours and sixers.’
  • 3US A six-pack.

    • ‘Open up any magazine, not just this one, and there's some half-clad model sporting a sixer.’
    • ‘I honestly think he could have polished off the whole sixer if we hadn't been plucking from its vine.’
    • ‘Shoot, it's a two six-pack road trip for the aggressive LSU fan; a one sixer for those saving it for the French Quarter.’
    • ‘People were just grabbing sixers and walking out to drink in the river valley or wherever, anywhere without the chill of party-death hanging over it.’